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The evolution of doors and windows

Society is a fickle beast, while oversharing pictures of our lives on social media, we are keen to have the chance to retreat to our personal planets of solitude when the chance arrives.

Yet our solitude is far from cavernous, we crave and pay dearly for great expanses of glass, for doors and windows that fold, slide and lift away to let the world take part in our reverie, day and night, good weather and poor, all year around.

The barrier between outside and in, the threshold if you will, has never been more visually vacant.

So it is with bewilderment and delight that some doors are the antithesis of all that ‘barley there’ design.

The pivot door, seen most often as amazing statement pieces at the front of private residences as well as rather flash commercial developments are here to stay – and getting bigger by the day. The year 2019 will see doors that would rival anything you might find in Winterfell or Versailles.

Without doubt the pivot door has elevated the experience of egress to something extraordinary.

The very action of opening a door of immense proportion, and we’re talking about some as imposing as 5m X 5m, is exciting and dramatic.

Mid-century is now being held up so often as the epitome of style, and while it was not always so, back then they did have rather marvellous internal glass doors, some framed in timber, some etched with wild things, but they were effective at allowing light to travel and climate to be somewhat compartmentalised.

This century we did away with walls, and with it went the chance to decorate with purpose. However, glass itself has evolved to such a versatile building element that we may forgive or forget the loss of sandblasted flamingos on a sunroom door.

Now architects can specify toughened, laminated, tinted and insulated fenestration options that according to Australian Glass Group (so called because it consists of three companies: Moen Glass located in Melbourne and Canberra, Bevelite Glass located in Sydney and CL Glass located Brisbane) can reduce heat transfer by over 50 percent, alleviating at least some of the excesses in heating and cooling.

They can toughen glass, create insulated glass, make sky glass and well, the list is lengthy and goes to prove that glass is a highly technical and developing field.

The great news here is that the technology hasn’t stalled, and great benefits are just around the corner. According to Viridian we are going to progressively see high performance glass and double glazing become a standard in building design.

When you think about double glazing you usually associate it with colder climates like North America and Europe.

This is why states like Victoria and Tasmania are leading the uptake of this transformative building material in Australia, and why states, according to Viridian, such as New South Wales and Queensland are reluctant to embrace it.  

But again, with energy prices on the rise, and challenging weather conditions continuing across the continent more designers and buyers will be seeking out the best options in glazing products.

Bi-fold windows, specifically used as servery’s between kitchens and terraces were perhaps the buzz product of 2018, but Breezway have another that should attract some attention in 2019

Breezway has expanded its range to include a very smart new product that won “Most Innovative Window System” at the 2018 Fenestration Awards a couple of months ago.


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